We specialize in dealing with the 1969-1972 John Deere tractors. Today's collectors are seeking the 20 series tractors due to all there modern features, such as: the optional 8 speed power shift, smooth power steering, selective control valves with flow control, side console controls, 12V electrical system and excellent view from operators station. These are all around nice tractors to use and operate. These tractors were also well ahead of their time back in 1969, and 41 years later still provide and excellent tractor for the farmer or collector.
            Although the earlier 20 series tractors from 1964-1968 also have many nice features including: the optional 8 speed power shift and smooth power steering, but they did not have the flow control on the SCV's. They were a 24V electrical system on a diesel engine and used the popular 404 CI Diesel in a 4020 which was not the same as the later 404 used in the side console models. The early engines, on the outside of the engine block on each cylinder, had a small weep hole, this was to let the prestone/oil outside of the engine to let the owner know it had a problem. Inside the cylinder block there are 3 rings cut out of the cast, the top one is for the prestone o-ring, the second one is blank while the bottom o-ring is for oil. What happens is due to age, not wear, the o-ring falls into pieces and the coolent/oil runs out the weep hole in the block, when this happens the engine is due for an overhaul. Once the top o-ring lets go the bottom one will also let go with time, and then you run the risk of coolent in the oil.
        The reason the later 20 series engines are so much more desirable, is new engine design for the late 20 series tractor. This new engine design includes a sleeve with a step in it and square type packing, so when the cylinder head is torqued down, there is less chance of a coolent leak. In our experiences we have found it costs the same amount of money to restore the early 20 series tractors as it does to restore the late model. This engine design makes the tractors much more desirable as the engine is better with a longer life time before overhaul is needed. This makes the tractor cost more originally, but is a better investment and the tractor is worth more in the end.