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All “20 series” tractors have a build code, which is the 1st part of the serial number. For example: a JD 4020 with a serial number of T213P205600R when broken down T213P, the first 5 characters on the serial number, is the build code.

·    T – indicates the tractor

·    2 – is a 4020

·    1 – is a row crop

·    3 -  is a diesel

·    P - power shift 

This is one of the most important things to look for if you are buying a tractor, ESPECIALLY if you are a collector or want to become one.

The build code has to match up with the tractors options. Otherwise the value of the tractor is worth approximately less then half of what a true original value is. We have seen many occurrences where the tractor was originally equipped with a  gas engine but now has a diesel in it. This happens when someone buys a tractor with a gas engine but later wants a diesel engine instead and switches the engine. This tractor might run like new but the value of the tractor is compromised because a collector needs the original components with a matching serial number.

One of the main things to remember when looking at the serial number is the 4th digit, it is the engine type. The types are: 1=Gas, 2=Liquid Propane Gas, 3=Diesel.  The serial number is located at the rear of the differential housing.

           When T&D buys a tractor we always double check to insure the serial number matches the tractor. In the later “20 series” side console models there were some updates every year and we make sure that everything is correct and updated to the specifications for that year and model of tractor. One thing you can count on when buying a tractor from T&D is that the serial number WILL match the tractor. If there is something that doesn’t not for some reason match, the customer will know about it before he buys it