Is the tractor market soft?

That is a popular question. 
    We are finding the quality of tractors is not as good as they get older and that affects the price. If a tractor is painted up but has mechanical issues and a variety of leaks, the price is affected by the costly repairs it could need and the damage it will do to the paint job. Also if the paint job is not a good quality, it looks nice from a distance and in pictures, but up close it is less desirable.
    There are not a lot of good quality original tractors or even good quality fully restored tractors coming up for sale often. So judging a tractor that looks good in pictures, but actually being there and seeing it in person, can make a big difference in price. 
    That is why seeing the picture of a tractor going through an auction on-line and not actually physically going to see it can make the price it brings seem unrealistic.  When in fact the price fits the quality of the tractor. 
    That being said an auction can also be totally unrealistic. If their are two buyers who both want the tractor, and are willing to spend any amount to own that specific tractor that makes the market unreasonable high. And if someone is using that to price the tractor they have for sale then the price on those tractors gets to high.