-   The tractor is either driven or used in the field and run on the dyno to ensure all mechanical components are working properly
-  Repair any mechanical issues
- Tractor is stripped down to the body and all wiring removed

- First, washed to remove all oil and grease

- ONLY wheels and side rails are sand blasted

- Remainder of the tractor is wire brushed and/or hand sanded
-   All rubber is covered unless customer requests new rims and/or tires-   All other non-painted surfaces are covered

- First layer of primer is applied then left to dry for a short period, before sanding

- Primed surfaces are sanded and second layer of primer is sprayed on

- After primer has dried and the surface is inspected the final paint color application begins

- Final color is sprayed in our downdraft spray booth

- The above process is repeated for components of the tractor that require a different color including parts

- All the wiring is then checked and/or replaced then installed back on the tractor to original factory specifications


            The process T&D goes through to restore a tractor is a lengthy one but the final result looks like it was just made in the factory and has yet to be driven. It is a long and rather expensive process but you only get you get what you pay for. T&D goes the whole way on the work they do and they do not take any short cuts, everything is done to factory standards. This is seen when customers keep coming back with tractors to be restored or for tractors they want to buy.
            What you are told, when you call about a tractor, is what you get. There are NO games or hidden secrets in our business. Every one realizes or should realize there are unforeseeable or unexplainable things that could happen during shipping or after some driving.