Our Goals

If you are interested in buying a tractor from T&D Restorations there are some things that you might be interested in knowing about our company before you call or visit.

WE STRIVE TO BE HONEST.     We have many years’ experience working on these tractors, and have done the research on them, so that we are able to answer most questions you have. This being said these tractors are 40 years old and older so there is no warranty on them and things can happen. But our tractors are put through an extensive check list before they are put up for sale. We tell you the good and bad parts about the tractor you are interested in so that there are no surprises to the best of our knowledge.

WE DO OUR BEST TO BE FAIR.     Some of these are collector tractors. Being able to find a tractor that is in good shape, and has low original hours is becoming increasingly hard to find. This, along with the amount of work and replacement parts needed to fix any problem that the tractor may have, also affects the asking price.                                                                                                                                                To keep our tractor sales as fair as possible, its first come first serve. If we have the tractor you want, come see it or call and get the details on it.

            WE AIM TO BE DEPENDABLE.     When we do work on our own tractors or on a tractor that’s for sale, we do the work to factory standard. This means if a tractor is wired wrong, then we re-do the wiring, the way it was originally. If there is no original replacement parts for a customer buying parts, then we let you know, we can get after-market parts.