March & April 2012





This is an introduction into the world of T&D Restorations INC. This is a business that specializes in restoring 1969 to 1972 Classic New Generation John Deere Tractors. This family run business was started by father and son in 1996 and has grown over the years as they have got more experience and became widely known for the quality of work they do and their attention to details, both during restorations done on a tractor to the tractors they buy for customers or for their own use.

            This small family run business also consists of their own crew of 3 body work guys, one of which has had over 30 years experience in this kind of work, that do an excellent job to make old rusted through or bent parts look like new without using body fillers or just buying new parts to replace the original ones. Although as any collector or buyer is aware that, occasionally, there are parts that have to be replaced because they are in such bad shape, when this happens the customer is told before any more work is done.




            Some of the major jobs we have been working on include: preparing a late 1972 JD 3020 Diesel Power-shift for a complete paint job and painting the tractor, it is now in the final steps of the whole process. Watch our website under restorations or coming details on a whole restoration. We also just finished a major overhaul on a 1970 JD 4020 Power-shift, as well as doing a transmission overhaul on a 1971 JD 4620 Power-shift.




The tractors that are for sale from T&D are driven and tested to make sure the components are in full working order. Each tractor is dyno tested to make sure all the engine components are working properly. If you buy a tractor from T&D they will consult with you any issues the machine you are purchasing is having plus its better qualities.  T&D does this because we don’t want you to experience any surprises, however unforeseen and unexplainable situations can occur.  A good thing with your choice of buying a tractor form T&D is they stand behind the work they do as well as fix any issues resulting from the restoration process. We are one of the few companies out in the world that does not play games. What you see and are told is what you get, and nothing more or less.       


1964 JD 3020 Diesel, Power-shift, 12.4X42, 2 SCV, 3pt, came off vegetable farm, was used for scuffling.  We rebuilt the engine, it was a complete out of frame overhaul, with the high ring pistons, spent over $5000, and have work order, $ 12,900


1970 JD 3020 Diesel, side console, Syncro, 6000 actual hrs, 16.9X38, 1 SCV, JD WF, very nice tight tractor, was well maintained, $14,500


1976 JD 4230 Diesel, quad, factory open station (rare), 2 SCV, 3pt, 18.4X38, only 5400 1 owner hrs, original paint except the wheels and side rails, this tractor is extremely sharp. Truly one of a kind. $17,500


1962 JD 1010 Gas RU, equipped with most available options: Power-steering, float ride seat, spin out rear wheels, rear wheel weights, live 540/1000 PTO, 3pt, 1 SCV.  Only 1730 actual hrs and came from an estate.  Tires are like new.  $6350


1971 JD 4000 Standard (very rare tractor), Syncro, only 5999 actual hrs, has correct sheet metal, fenders, dust shields, platform, and battery box.  Has had recent engine work, rebuilt injection pump, clutch is good lots of adjustment left, trans is good and tight no play in the linkage, 18.4X34 @ 80%, 2 SCV, no 3pt. $21,500




            June 29 & 30 2012 we are having our 3rd annual new generation collector tractor show here on our farm. The last 2 years we had approx 30 new generation tractors this year we are hoping for more. We are inviting EVERYONE to come see the collection of tractors we get and are hoping people are willing to bring their New Generation Waterloo built JD collector tractors (1961-1972). We cannot make this show without people who are interested and willing to bring tractors. We ask if possible you let us know if you can bring any tractors so we can work out and appealing layout but we will take any last minute tractors as well. Our phone number, address and the location of the show is:

T&D Restorations

6896 RD 121

Millbank ON

N0K 1L0

1-519-595-4020 or 1-519-274-2932

            We welcome all tractors anytime the week of the show. Please have them here by 11:00 on the 29th so we can arrange and block the lane to try to minimize any damage to the tractors. We welcome tractors restored as well as any farm use tractor as long as they fit the above specifications. Thank you for considering this.

            The show will open at lunch on the Friday and go till approx 9:00PM and will reopen at 9AM on the 30th and go till approx 8:30PM. We are planning on having a campfire starting around 9:00PM if people want to bring lawn chairs and hang out to talk with Dan and Tony. Snacks and pop will be available. There is ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL permitted on our premises for this event. Some of the tractors we have are too expensive to risk that hazard. Everyone is welcome.  If it’s rainy the party will move inside. This show/evening also gives you a chance to talk to Tony and Dan about the work they do, how they go about it, what parts/tractors they can get for you, and see some of the parts we have.

            For more details check out the main page of our website. More information will be up soon.





            If you want to see our tractors, wonder about parts and part availability or just need information about a John Deere tractor you can call Tony at 1-519-595-4020 (Canada) or 1-519-274-2932 (cell) for more information. We also have made our own website at  This website has a list of parts, tractors that are for sale, information about the business as well as details on why tractors and there values are what they are.