The “50 series” tractors came out  in 1983 and then by 1989 the“55 series” were introduced and they had many important updates and improvements to make a better tractor. This was also the last series built before all the electronics.

            The “55 series” where only made four 4 years, (1989 - 1992) and are not much older then the “50 series”. One of the differences when you look at these tractors is the hours. If you research the “55 series” you will find a lot of them show 9,000 - 11,000 hours and when you compare the hours from this tractor to a “50 series” the hours are much higher. The reason for this is the newer electronic tachometer puts approximately 30% more hours on then the old mechanical tachometer that is used on the “20-50 series”. For example one with 9,000 hours on it that has had regular maintenance and has been looked after is more like a 6,000-6500 hour tractor.

            We have been around the “55 series” models for a long time. We use them on our farm as well as work on them and the better you become accustomed to these tractors you learn the hours on them are not near as accurate as the older ones.

            The credibility and value of this series is becoming more and more apparent as there is becoming a bigger market on this series and people are also starting to collect them.


 Models 4055 - 4955
All 6 models used the 466 CI Turbo Charged Diesel Engine with the "A" Series Inline Fuel Injection Pump.  The two larger models (4755 & 4955), were intercooled and the 4955 used a "P" Series Injection Pump.
Models 4055, 4255, & 4455 were basically the same tractor, all had 540/1000 pto, 466 CI Turbochaged Diesel Engine.  The 4055 & 4255 had a 3 3/8 size rear axle and category II Hitch.  The only difference on the 4455 was it had  3 5/8 size rear axle and category III Hitch.
Models 4555, 4755, & 4955 were referred to the large frame tractors, they had a larger cooling system, wider hood, had only 1000 rpm pto, category III hitch, and were much heavier the the 3 smaller models.
Rated Pto HP
4055 - 105
4255 - 120
4455 - 140
4555 - 155
4755 - 175
4955 - 200