About T&D

    Thank you for taking the time to consider making your tractor purchase from T&D Restorations. 

    We have good quality and clean New Generation I 1969-1972 (models 2520-4620), and New Generation II (models 4030-4955), Waterloo built John Deere tractors. As a family run business we have many years experience, working on our own tractors, as well as customer's tractor.  

    We officially started our business in 1996. We take pride in our work and the inventory we have, as well as working to keep our prices as affordable as we can for our customers.  

    An important thing we are learning, as these tractors get older, is that the hours don't tell the story.  The hours on the tach is not nearly as important as the care the tractor has received from its owners over the years.
    For example: you may find a 4455 JD tractor that shows it only has 4,500 hours for around $65,000. But if it hasn't been used, looked after and maintained then it may be comparable to a 4455 JD tractor with 11,000 hours for $45,000.  Also what the tach shows and the actual hours on the tractor may not match up.  Check the link below for more details.

    We do our best to give everyone a fair and equal shot at the tractors we have for sale. We have bought and sold many tractors over the years and do our best to make sure any tractor we buy is in good working order before it is sold.  

    We can also provide references when required.


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